our parent coaching is specifically designed to improve & stabilise family relationships, especially those of parents & their children

delivering a wholly immersive and experiential coaching skills for parents and families programme to groups and individuals that have responsibilities for raising families

we take delegates through their own personal experiences both as family members and as parents and guardians, ensuring increased awareness of their family’s & children’s needs

what is positive parent coaching?

the coaching skills for parents and families programme is delivered across the UK by Positive Parenting. the programme is about sharing coaching skills in a way that can be re-used in a family context and focuses on the needs of parents and guardians as well as on the needs of children

how can our coaching help?

the programme acknowledges the challenges and joys of parenting as children grow from infants to adolescents. it helps to increase awareness of the needs of children at a psychological and emotional level, and consistently changes peoples perspective of parenting responsibilities. it improves relationships between parents and children, and creates a more satisfying and stable environment in which to raise children.

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8 + 4 =

“It has made me stop doing things and start doing others that have had a positive impact”

“Learning what’s important in life and when to let go. Tools and techniques to aid self and child and rest of family to be calmer, controlled and happier”

“The course has helped me take a different perspective on things & this has helped me deal with the relationship strains that occur when you get a new addition to the family”

“Reinforcing the ideas that children aren’t little adults who should behave as we do”

“Overall, a depth and insight into bringing up children in a relaxed and enjoyable way – rather than feeling frustrated and burdened“

“Listening, understanding, emotion, discipline, explaining: all of these skills have made a huge difference to my home-life”

4 significant emotional & psychological needs of children that need to be met from birth

1. love & security

this vital need provides the basis for all later relationships. on it depends the development of the personality – the ability to care and respond to affection. continuous, reliable, loving relationships first within the family, then with a growing number of others can meet this need. it provides a sense of worthwhileness & identity.

2. new experiences

new experiences are a fundamental requirement for mental growth in early life it is largely through play and language that the child explores the world and learns to cope with it. language remains a crucial factor in intellectual growth it helps in learning to reason, to think and in making relationships.

3. praise and recognition

growing up requires a huge amount of learning emotional, both social and intellectual consequently strong incentives are necessary for the child to continue through the difficulties and conflicts they will inevitably encounter the most effective incentives are sustained over time

4. responsibility

this need is met by allowing the child to gain personal independence firstly through learning to look after themselves in everyday care then through a gradual extension of responsibility over other areas until they have the freedom and ability to decide on their own actions and to be able to accept responsibility for others.

examples of topics covered by parent coaching:

  • the emotional needs of children (and parents!)
  • how children make sense of the world
  • praise – the magic Ingredient
  • attention
  • labels and seeing things with fresh eyes
  • how our own early experiences affect our parenting style
  • position in the Family
  • the changing face of families and coping with transitions
  • dealing with feelings
  • the family emotional bank account
  • family meetings
  • developing responsibility and critical thinking

Steph Durbin-Wood

Founder, Managing Director, Coach

Steph Durbin-Wood is an experienced Personal, Business & Executive Coach, accredited to ACC level by the ICF. The programme is recognised and accredited by the International Coach Federation, and trained to accredited coaches in the UK by Barefoot Coaching Ltd. Positive Parenting is a division of Prospect Coaching Ltd, registered as a Limited company in England & Wales. Company Number 10392974. VAT Registered.